Proven Winners® Color Choice® Lo & Behold Ruby Chip®

Buddleia PP 32, 399


Mature Height: Approximately 2 feet by 8 inches

Mature Width: Approximately 2 feet by 8 inches

USDA Hardiness Zone Range: 5 to 9

Water Requirements: Moderate Water

Shade Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade


A butterfly bush with neat habit of and jaw-dropping color intensity. Lo & Behold Ruby Chip butterfly bush brings together the best of both, with a tidy 2.5’/.76m size and dozens of magenta-ruby flower spikes. Fragrant and long-blooming, it keeps putting out fresh flowers without the need to deadhead (i.e., remove old brown flowers). Perfect for flower gardens or landscapes. Lo & Behold Ruby Chip butterfly also fits almost anywhere due to its space saving structure, it is sun loving and heat tolerant the bright colored flowers are sure to add beautiful color all summer long!


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