Erianthus ravennae

Ravenna Grass

Mature Height: 9-12 feet

Mature Width: 6-8 feet

USDA Hardiness Zone Range: 4-10

Water Requirements: Low-Average

Shade Requirements: Full Sun


Erianthus ravennae is the ideal specimen plant for large gardens. It is considered a great substitute for pampas grass and for zones where pampas grass can not grow. This handsome grass has tall leaves that can grow to about 5 ft, with a stunning silver flower plume that can reach up to 12 ft tall. During summer the panicles feature purple top spikes and begin to brighten to white in fall. During fall the plumes switch over to many diverse colors such as; purple, orange, tan , and a beige blend throughout. They are especially beautiful in landscapes that are dark green.

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