Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Sunburst Tree’

Mature Height: 30-40 feet
Mature Width: 30-40 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  4 to 9
Water Requirements:  Moderate Water
Shade Requirements:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

This tree is also termed ‘Honey Locust’ they have been admired for centuries. It features compound leaves that appear fern like with a fine texture and a branching pattern that is relatively open and airy. The new foliage starts out yellow, morphs to a still attractive greenish-yellow, and turns a plainer light green shade in summer. These trees are known as tough, fast growing trees that tolerate challenging urban conditions, such as drought, pollution salt, compacted soil, heat, and alkaline soils. This tree has few restrictions on how to grow it; the only place it struggles is in dense shade. It is a great choice to use as a lawn tree because it allows plenty of filtered light to enable grass underneath it.

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