Malus x floribunda ‘Crabapple Floribunda’ Tree

Mature Height: 15-20 feet
Mature Width: 20-30 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  4 to 8
Water Requirements:  Moderate Water
Shade Requirements:  Full Sun

This is one of the most beautiful of the flowering crabapple species. It is a stunning deciduous tree that creates a broad, rounded densely-branched canopy. It opens from red buds with masses of fragrant, single, pale pink blossoms that will begin to fade to a glistening white in mid-spring. The blooms are followed by small fruits that are blushing red in color. They are not very showy but do persist beyond fall. During fall the green foliage will turn to red and yellow leaves. It is a spectacular specimen tree which needs room to display its beauty.

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