Miscanthus sinensis ‘Bandwidth’

Bandwidth Maiden Grass PP 29, 460

Mature Height: 2.5-3 feet

Mature Width: 2.5-3 feet

USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  5-9

Water Requirements:  Water regularly-weekly or more often in extreme heat or containers

Shade Requirements:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

Miscanthus sinensis is a versatile dwarf maiden grass with bright banded green and yellow, rust resistant foliage.. As the name implies this grass has bands of light gold perpendicular to the axis of the dark green grass blade. This dwarf maiden grass is naturally narrow, durable, upright grass that accents smaller gardens in groupings in larger scale landscapes. During fall the showy foliage clumps are topped by airy golden brown plumes these will persist through winter. This is a noninvasive grass so it will not spread.

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