Platanus acerifola ‘London Plane Tree’

Mature Height: 40-80 feet
Mature Width: 30-40 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  6
Water Requirements:  Moderate Water
Shade Requirements:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

This beautiful tree brings the beauty of the London Plane tree without the worry of discoloration and leaf drop. This is a strongly beautiful tree with an erect growth pattern, it grows quickly and can reach 30 feet in 12 years or 50 feet in 25 years. Five-lobed medium to dark green leaves are a nice foil to the handsome peeling bark that is gray-yellow to gray-orange when new and turn gray-green with age. Come fall, the leaves turn yellow and drop allowing a better view of the fascinating bark patterns. It is a fabulously adaptable tree that is unfazed by soil type, smog, heat, or disease. It can best be appreciated given room hence parks, lawns, gold courses and industrial parks are common applications.

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