First Editions® Tawara Asian Pear



Mature Height: 15-18 feet

Mature Width: 8-12 feet

USDA Hardiness Zone Range: 4 to 7

Water Requirements: Moderate

Shade Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade


Tawara Asian Pear is grown mainly for its edible fruit, but with an upright oval form with glossy green foliage it is good looking all season long. White flowers in spring make way to the unusual dark tan to light brown fruit. The fruit tastes like a cross between apple and pear and has a crisp texture. Asian pear cultivars are partially self-fruitful, but better crops are set when two or more cultivars are planted together. European pears or Asian pears such as Seckel, Bosc or Bartlett can be used for pollination. Tawara Asian Pear is excellent for fresh eating or canning.

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