Rosa ‘Woodsii’ Rose Shrub

Western Wild Rose

Mature Height: 3-6 feet
Mature Width: 3-6 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  3 to 8
Water Requirements:  Moderate Water
Shade Requirements:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

Rosa Woodsii is a fast growing and extremely cold hardy rose shrub. It stands upright and has deep green finely toothed leaflets. In spring, new canes emerge red and are lined with prickles on their lower portions. In late spring to mid summer, a profusion of very fragrant, single, pink to lilac-pink flowers are borne in small clusters. The flowers are attractive to bees and pollinators. They are followed by abundant fleshy, red, round hips that persist on the bush throughout the winter. It is effective in erosion control, but can also be used as an ornamental near homes to attract birds and other wildlife.

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