Yucca aloifolia ‘Spanish Bayonet’

Mature Height: 5-10 feet
Mature Width: 3-5 feet
USDA Hardiness Zone Range:  7 to 11
Water Requirements:  Moderate Water
Shade Requirements:  Full Sun, Partial Shade

The Spanish Bayonet is sure to add beautiful structure to any garden. It is a very ornamental, broadleaf evergreen shrub that is simple or densely branched. It boasts terminal rosettes of sword shaped, dagger-like deep green leaves. The leaves are thick and stiff roughly 2 feet long featuring small, sharp serrations on the margin and a very sharp tip. They are topped in spring or summer with erect clusters up to 2 feet long of large nodding bell-shaped creamy white flowers sometimes tinged purplish. The blossoms attract hummingbirds, moths and butterflies. This yucca is carefree, durable, and tolerant to extreme weather conditions.

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